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Solidarité Médecine Créteil - 2015

A video was realized by the team of Solidarity Medicine Créteil during their stay, in July, 2015, in Mac Arthur, Leyte. Isadora Citounadin, in the name of the team of 5 students, transmitted us this testimony of their activities to the elementary school of Mac Arthur.

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Alice Vantournhoudt - 2013

During his stay in 2013 in the residential Center for abused girls of Palawan, Alice Vantournhoudt realized a video illustrating the life of the Center.

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Elise Doutreleau et Rudy Force - 2009

During their stay in 2009 as volunteers at Alouette Foundation of the Philippines, Rudy Force and Elise Doutreleau had the idea to begin a series of videos. Bernard Pierquin accepted this project to give an outline of the daily fight of the workers at Alouette Foundation.
Rudy already had an experience in the broadcasting and a diploma of art. Elise began to organize a schedule of shooting and both volunteers left for their big trip of 2 months in the provinces of the Philippines where Alouette leads actions. They so covered numerous events, interviewed almost all the actors of Alouette in the Philippines.

Eight videos are on-line (in english), and the others will follow:

  • Trailer Alouette Foundation Documentary
  • Alouette Foundation family visit, Cebu mars 2009
  • Alouette Foundation, Interview with mr. Pierquin avril 2008
  • Alouette Foundation activity, Baguio City mars 2009
  • Alouette Foundation activity, Cebu mars 2009
  • Alouette Foundation activity, Pangasinan mars 2009
  • Alouette Foundation, Iwahig penal farm, Palawan avril 2009
  • Alouette Foundation, House of Jessica, Pangasinan april/may 2009

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