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AST NEWS ... of Alouette Foundation of the Philippines

AFPI computer room project (July 2020)

AFPI will temporarily use the volunteer room as a computer room for Alouette students.
AFPI has decided to buy 8 computers and 1 printer that beneficiaries can use for their online course.
The government’s direction is to stay home and study because of the Covid pandemic.

See the project descriptionarrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

Back to school 2020-2021 delayed due to Covid-19 (June 2020)

AFPI informs us :

"The local government formally announced that the school year for 2020-2021 will start on August 24, 2020 and ends on May 2020. The normal SY usually starts every 2nd week of June and ends last week of March of the following year but due to Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to move it on August 24.

This June and July, the staff are busy communicating with the beneficiaries regarding their enrollment. It is a big challenge for us to coordinate with them as the government still prohibits to hold gatherings/events with more than 10 people. At present, we communicate with the beneficiaries via phone calls, fb messenger, virtual meetings or face to face meetings but limited participants only.

We are scheduled to distribute school fees on July and school supplies on August but no definite date yet as we are still gathering information from the beneficiaries.

For next year annual accomplishment/ progress report, we might move the submission to end of July 2021 but will advise you if this will be moved to earlier date."

Taal Volcano Eruption (January 2020)

Despite the threat of explosion still present, the news are momentarily more reassuring.

See Relief Operations at January 26. 2020 arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
See Activity Report at February 02. 2020 arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

Abaham Mang Usan leaves AFPI (November 2018)

Abe informs us about his departure of AFPI.

"Dear Sirs and Madams,

Greetings of peace!

This is to inform that I will no longer officially be connected with
Alouette Foundation of the Phils., Inc. effective *NOVEMBER 22, 2018*.

My almost 17 years in Alouette Foundation have been made wonderful and
meaningful because of the opportunity to work, learn and grow with you
professionally and as a person.

I am thankful for Alouette Foundation for giving me the rare chance to
take part in the life of its program beneficiaries. They have enriched
my life through the privilege to experience human connection, create
great memories and realize how beautiful life is.

I trust that with your unwavering support , Alouette Foundation of the
Phils., Inc. will continue to bring its best services to the needy.

My best regards and best wishes to all of our endeavors.


/abraham p. mang-usan
//executive director/

AFPI communicates on its activity (July 2017)

AFPI communicated us the Annual report School Year 2016-2017.
This annual report is very complete and gives a precise idea of the actions of AFPI in the Philippines.

See Annual report arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

AFPI communicates on its activity (October 2016)

AFPI communicated us the Annual report School Year 2015-2016 and the Work plan School Year 2016-2017.
The annual report is very complete and gives a precise idea of the actions of AFPI in the Philippines.

See Annual report arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
See Work plan arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

A wonderful solidarity action (February 2012)

Last October, a documentary broadcast on Arte TV relayed the painful situation of the Ponciano family, living on Palawan Island: one of their daughters, Irene, who will be 10 years old next April, is suffering since her birth a neurological disease called "Cerebral Palsy", for which no cure is unfortunately possible. Her condition could, however, be improved by helping her to keep standing through the installation of splints.
Looking at that documentary, a French family, living in the Cantal Department, was very moved by the fate of this girl. Then, seeking a way to help her, they discovered Association Alouette and asked its President Bernard Pierquin whether he could find Irene in Palawan.
Bernard’s research succeeded: he managed to locate Irene.
Thus, through Alouette Foundation, this French family could send a gift that will improve the young Irene’s life, especially to allow her going to school, where she is very well studying.

Thanks a lot for this generous initiative.

A TV for the young girls of the Palawan Center (Christmas 2011)

For Christmas, the President of Association Alouette had launched an appeal for donations in order to buy a TV to be provided to the Palawan Residential Center for abused girls. Our members have responded generously (through sales, donations, ...) and the TV is now in place for the young girls' biggest pleasure.
Thanks a lot to all those who allowed this beautiful and fast implementation.

A walk against the sexual exploitation of children (by Bernard Pierquin)

A walk against the sexual exploitation of children (pornography, cybersex, child trafficking, etc…) was organized in Cebu on August 26th, 2011.

“I requested Alouette Foundation’s team to become fully involved in this event as all of the sectors of Cebu’s society would be present (the police, justice officials, teachers, NGOs and others…).
This was a good move as, from the outset, our children were in the headlines: they were photographed everywhere and filmed by TV cameras. The event can be followed in the media in the days to come
Note that the 2nd photo (on the right) made the headlines of a local newspaper.
This was followed by a conference in the main room of Cebu’s town hall. I ensured that our children were on the front rows. They were the only ones to make a presentation (a show). Firstly they did a very good performance of a dance which was then followed by a drama (a made up play) which featured sexual exploitation and the different types of abuse perpetrated against children. I took advantage of this to take the microphone and officially present the project in front of an audience of more than 500 people. It must be noted that Cordova became infamous due to a case of cybersex (10 families were involved) which made the headlines in the Filipino medias.
It was thus important that I restore the good name of Cordova – and especially that of the children and families of the town – in the eyes of the world…
We won the gamble! They were the stars of the day."

Frenchman chooses to live in the slums By Karl Wilson on Oct 16, 2009

An article about Bernard Pierquin was published on SpyBiz by Karl Wilson, AFP Director, on Oct 16, 2009.

Look at the article
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