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Palawan: launch of new forms of support to the residential center for abused girls

The Center today

Year after year the number of abused children on the island of Palawan is increasing and today local social services have more ways to take them all over.
Alouette Foundation supports them since 2007 with the opening of the Residential Center for girls located Luzviminda, one of the "barangay" of Puerto Princesa City.
Today, 8 girls living in the Center and are supported by two house mothers and a social worker who guarantee them a stable environment in everyday life and protector. This work allows them to gradually overcome their trauma.
All girls are enrolled in public school in Luzviminda and receive tutoring ever day after school during 1h30.
In addition, they receive a social care, psychological and legal until their reinstatement.
In the Center, the girls take part in everyday life by participating in household chores, maintenance of the garden and cooking. Manual activities are also organized on weekends and during school holiday. They are accountable through the manufacture of ice and the sale of garden produce.

The creation of the Centre of Palawan is a success ; it's now necessary to sustain it, thus ensuring the security, well-being, health and the education of these young girls.

See the flyer of presentation of the Center (in french) arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
See the complete file of presentation of the Centre (in french) arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
See video of Alice Vantournhoudt arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

Palawan newsletter

This newsletter allows to inform the sponsors of the life of the Center.

See Newsletter n°3 dated January 2013 arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
See Newsletter n°2 dated October 2012 arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
See Newsletter n°1 dated June 2010 arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

Efforts to sustain that operation

- Sponsorship of the Center for 25 € per month, after deduction of taxes (in France) for taxable persons, it represents only 8,50 € per month.

See sponsoring documentation for Palawan Center (in french) arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes) See how to sponsor (in french) arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

- A natural farming project

See the projet arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

- The projects of increase

  • create a therapeutic room where the girls can express their feelings
  • create a new room which will allow to welcome families with visit or trainees and volunteers
See details page 11 of the complete file of presentation of the Centre (in french) arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

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