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he ACTIONS of Alouette Foundation of the Philippines Inc.

Sponsorships arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
Sponsor a child or teenager so that he / she can attend comprehensive and high-quality studies.

EAP – Education Assistance Programarrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
A company or an association or send a group of children from a particularly impoverished region to school.

RATP Group Foundation projects arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
In 2017, RATP Group Foundation financed two projects : Educational Assistance and Capital assistance.

Care center for abused girlsarrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
This center was set up on Palawan island following a request from local social services who were unable to deal with the increasing numbers of cases of abuse perpetrated against girls and young women on this large island.

Natural farming projectarrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
Manual and playful activities are implemented within the Centre of Palawan so that girls develop their creativity and that they process. The natural farm shows a great educational interest and is considered to be a tool for social inclusion.

Livelihood Program arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
A program offering interest-free loans, enabling families to start up small businesses or handicraft activities.

Samoki Weavers arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
Financial and technical help to this mountain people to transform goods which have been woven locally (bags, purses, etc…) and to sell woven products.

Health Care Program arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
Free consultations, seminars on health and hygiene, loans for hospital bills, distribution of vitamins and food supplements, screening for tuberculosis (in 2005 carried out on 450 children from Malibay and Maricaban).

Operation "School Bags"
For those who are unable to sponsor a child, but want to make a donation and help in sending children to school, Alouette has launched a new project: buy new school bags with all the necessary equipment for 20, 30 or 50 euros. Each child who benefits from the operation will be able to attend school for one year.


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